Sliding Autogate System

Gates work as the first point of access thus having an auto gate system that is reliable, practical and safe is of utmost importance.

These systems are ideal for commercial and industrial purposes with gear-motor for sliding gates that weigh up to 1800 kg to move the heaviest industrial gates in the simplest and most convenient way. We carry systems that are suitable for residential purpose with gear-motor for sliding gates that weigh up to 600 kg. These gates systems are reliable, safe with anti-crushing clutch and intelligent electronic functions that automatically reverse and stops gate movement in the presence of an obstacle.

WSA Solutions also carry gates that weigh up to 1800 kg and 2500 kg respectively. Suitable to operate in extreme conditions, the gates are user-friendly, advanced through its array of functions such as powerful starting and temperature sensors that control thermal protection and self-ventilation and intelligent through its use of obstacle detection system and automatic programming of working times. It is also practical, safe and very quiet due to its gear motor on bearings.

There are gate systems that comes with a state of the art micro-computer controller for gates up to 1600 kg. It runs on a heavy duty 230V motor and has an emergency release key in case of power failure. Auto closure features are also available in use with a photocell. The photocells have been designed and created for use on power operated gates and doors.

For parking and access control application such as safety loops for barriers or gates, arming loops for activating card dispensers, entry or exit loops and vehicle counting, WSA Solutions recommends a single channel loop detector. The detector is connected to an inductive loop mounted in the road surface. When vehicles pass over the loop, the detector switches on an output. The use of microprocessors and surface mount technology enables a large number of functions to be incorporated into a small package. Our detectors are compatible with most single channel detectors in the market and is easy to set-up and install.

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