Communication made easy and effective

In a busy and fast paced business world, there is a need for interaction with people from all walks of life. At the same time there is the question of security and identification of people that step into our premises and homes. With an Audio and Video Intercom System, one does not need to jeopardize security in the midst of day-to-day business and life.

WSA Solutions provides a sophisticated solution for people identification through its one-of-a-kind color monitor Intercom system. Suitable for single-family homes and small and midsized buildings, one can expect an array of functions that would meet the needs of today’s world.

Our intercom solutions are built to suit varying needs of organizations and families. Come of our basic systems come with color monitors with LED illuminators that function in low light conditions which make color identification possible even at night. It also comes with both hands-free and press-to-talk options, entrance monitoring and is weather proof to withstand outdoor conditions. More advanced options will include vandal-resistance, picture memory and voice memo.

WSA Solutions carry intercom systems that comes with a 170 degrees camera angle which gives it the widest camera angle in the industry. We also carry products that comes with even more functions as it not only provides 170 degrees camera angle but also a tall viewing height of approximately 100 degrees. It also come with a touch screen for sophisticated simplicity; enabling the user to easily control all functions of the system at their fingertips.

Select from our range of systems that not only give a security function, but also fulfill aesthetic needs with different styles and colors to choose from.

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