Swing Auto Gate System


WSA Solutions provide Swing Auto Gate systems used in residential applications.

These systems are electro-mechanically operated. It features an “in-axis” thrust operator that comes with a version that has a travel limit device option. It has an intelligent obstacle detection system with reverse function upon detection of an obstacle. Comes with an emergency battery kit, for operation in case of power failure.

The auto gate systems can be used for gates that weigh up to 1600 kg. It comes with a state of the art micro-computer controller that has an intelligent obstacle detection system, dual lighting mode control and an emergency release key in case of power failure. Auto closure features are also available in use with a photocell . Designed and created for use on power operated gates and doors, the auto gate system has an auto test function, usable with control units to manage and control the auto closure


Protection and reliability

The automated swing gate system comes with an actuator motor that sits in a water proof chassis. It offers lightning protection and lighting control and comes with a rechargeable 12V battery. The system is built with the highest material quality, compact and aesthetic construction and reliable technology.

Parking and access control gate systems

These systems are suitable for use as safety loops for barriers or gates, arming loops for activating card dispensers, entry or exit loops and vehicle counting. the single channel loop detector is connected to an inductive loop mounted in the road surface. When vehicles pass over the loop, the detector switches on an output. The use of microprocessors and surface mount technology enables a large number of functions to be incorporated into a small package. The single channel loop detector is compatible with most single channel detectors in the market and is easy to set-up and install.

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